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We are more than your typical natural health clinic.

We aim to help you build and structure your own unique life and style through proven and practical strategies in the areas of

Health, Wealth and Harmony. You may say how do those go together? Well, the major stressors in life relate to these 3 major areas and

Our aim is to help you grow toward holistic wellness in those three (3) major areas of your life.

Our focus on health is on brain strength, anti-ageing, stress management.

As scholars of neuro-anatomy, neuro-linguistics, and neuroscience for many years, we have learned, and believe, that no matter what your age, your brain can perform better,

giving you more reliability as you grow and age,

as well as rapidity of comprehension, and longevity of memory.

Stress plays a major part in our physical, spiritual and mental health

and so therefore impacts and impairs how we perform across all of these areas.

Our “Wealth” solutions connect you with qualified and experienced consultants

who specialise in finance, tax and business structures to help you minimise your stress over your business, your money and how to make the most of it.

Our specialists in this area are approachable and knowledgeable and

can help you steer clear of – or clean up after – financial disasters,

as well as plan for major and minor issues of various kinds.

From a “Harmony” perspective,

our specialists can help you build better relationships, communicate better, more assertively, more productively – find the right way and the right words to get your message across.

We can also help you build a more efficient career path,

become more effective in negotations, and win disputes

while keeping relationships at the level you want them.

Come and see us now for a “tune-up” or a full life program.

You could see benefits almost straight away!

So . . . . . what are YOU waiting for? Make your appointment with us, now!

About Us

Your Life wellness,

Your Optimal Life,

is waiting for you . . . through Health, Wealth and Harmony strategies

that integrate and consolidate the best you have, to design the life you really want.

with a personal touch

from our caring professionals.

That’s our commitment!

Our job starts with you: understanding what you need, so we can offer you options that make sense.

We will sit with you and explore your current health, your current diet, your current needs as well as your longterm health goals and needs.

If you have finance concerns in tax or business, then our trained and specialised consultants will work to reduce your stress in that area too.

We can work with you and your partner, or your work team to build better relationships, more effective communication, and less disputes.

We will work with you to design an holistic program that will work with your lifestyle to get you the results you may have only dreamed of!

Location, Products and Services

Whatever your age, or situation, we can help build you better health.

Not sure what you need, or what it costs?

We’re here to help. Come and discuss it with us.

We can do consultations by Phone or Zoom for Naturopathy, Life and Career Coaching, Conflict Resolution, Relationship management, Assertiveness and Communication training.

Our other services are available at our relaxed and peaceful Centre located in the calm greenery of beautiful Mt Crosby near Brisbane West and not far from Ipswich, Toowoomba or Warwick. Whatever your location, we can help via zoom, or skype using technologies, methodologies and modalities useful towards achieving your goals.

Our costs are affordable, and we even have payment plans for longer term processes and programs to help you lower the stress and navigate through the processes towards your plan.

Our kinesiologists can help you work out your mental or physical blocks – in a pain-free way.

Our massage therapists can help you relax and become more creative in your thinking, when your body is more at ease.

Our naturopaths and herbalists are able to help you with dietary plans, supplements and herbs to help overcome your physical challenges, and build in resilience of body and mind.

We’re always happy to talk about how we can best serve you.

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